General Information

K M Medical Hospital is a multispecialty teaching hospital located at Pali Dungra, Sonkh, Mathura (U.P.).

The hospital has a total of 700 Beds Telephone No: +91 7055505130, +91 8477000180 Guide maps, Display boards are installed at various strategic locations.

Website: contains detailed information on KMMCH.

Casualty & Emergency Services

Casualty and Emergency Services are available 24 hour a day, throughout the year.
Phone Number of Casualty: +91 7055505130, +91 8477000180

Anyone with urgent medical problem can seek consultation/treatment in the casualty. If doctors decide that patient need urgent medical intervention, he will be registered at the casualty registration counter and proper medical care will be provided promptly.

The Casualty has dedicated team of doctors (Casualty Medical Officers, Residents and Faculty from all Clinical Branches), Paramedical Staff are available all the time to provide urgent medical services.

We endeavor to provide medical care (including investigation & treatment) at the earliest possible time.

In serious cases treatment/management gets priority over paper work like Registration/Medico-Legal requirements. The casualty is fully equipped with all modern equipment ECG machine, monitors, ventilators, nebulizers, defibrillators, infusion pumps, pulse oximeters, central Oxygen supply and suction etc.

All urgent tests like biochemical tests, Blood Gas Analysis, USG, X-ray, and C.T. Scan are available round the clock. Facilities like Wheel Chairs & patient trolleys are available at the entrance of casualty.

Ambulance Facilities

Ambulance facility is available to transfer patients to other hospitals or meet any emergency/disaster situation. If required, patients' attendants may stay in the Waiting Rooms & Halls.

Complaint & Grievances

There will be occasions when our services will not be up to your expectations. Please do not hesitate to register your complaint. It will only help us serve you better. You may lodge your complaints at the Medical Superintendent’s Office. Every complaint will be duly acknowledged and sincere attempt will be made to solve your problem.

Responsibilities of User

The Success of this Charter depends on the support we receive from our users. Please try to appreciate the various constraints under which the hospital is functioning.

  • The Hospital is a No Smoking Zone.
  • Please provide useful feedback and constructive suggestions.
  • These may be addressed to the Medical Superintendent of the Hospital.
  • Please refrain from demanding undue favors from the staff and officials.
  • Please help us in keeping the hospital and its surroundings neat and clean.
  • Please follow the rules and regulations of the hospital while inside the hospital campus.
  • Please do not cause inconvenience to other patients by crowding or making noise unnecessarily.
  • Please use the facilities of this hospital with care and do not damage/ spoil hospital property.
  • Please don't argue with security guards, show your passes when asked for & help maintain the order and peace inside the hospital premises.
  • Whenever you come to hospital for getting registration and consultation of doctors, please maintain a distance of one meter from other person in queue.
  • While coming to hospital please put on mask.
  • Please make a habit of washing hands repeatedly whenever needed.