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Human anatomy is one of the basic essential sciences of medicine which deals with the structure of organisms and their parts. The curriculum of first-year MBBS students ranges from Gross Anatomy, Osteology, Surface anatomy, Radiological anatomy, Histology to Embryology and Applied/Clinical Anatomy. The study of this subject in detail is the greatest charm of first-year medical students & Para-medical students as well as an entire life of medical profession. Under the supervision and guidance of experienced and well-qualified Teachers/doctors, students learn the concepts. Without anatomical knowledge entire field of clinical &paraclinical is incomplete.

The department has a roomy analyzation corridor where dead bodies and indicted parts are accessible for exhibition to the understudies. The division has an exceptional histology lab with great quality magnifying lens. Slides of different tissues and organs are accessible for study. Varying media helps, for example, above projectors and slide projectors are utilized in the division to work with support of information.

The historical center in the division has mounted wet examples, mortar of Paris, fiber 3D models and great quality outlines for learning.

The historical center (Museum) has an imaging exhibition where plenty of specimens of body parts, models, radiographs, CT & MRI Scans and X-ray plates are shown.

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