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Forensic Medicine

Forensic Medicine

Forensic Medicine & Toxicology


Forensic Medicine is the expert application of all aspects of Medical knowledge pertaining to matters of law for the dispensation of justice. Those who are involved in Forensic Medicine & Toxicology provide an enduring and vital service to the community and the country at large in various capacities through professional approach.


FMT uniquely provides the required forensic expertise to provide a number of medico-legal certifications as required under the codes of Civil & Criminal Laws as applicable in our country. If required, expert evidence in the courts of law is also provided.


The Department of FMT provides an anchor to Forensic Sciences as applied in new Departments under the newly constituted KM University, Sonkh Road, Mathura, too.


The Clinical Forensic Medicine [CFM] & Clinical Forensic Toxicology is an essential and integral part of the FMT.


In order to further advance the vital clinical and pathological arena of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology along with its allied sub-branches both in terms of ongoing Faculty Development Programmes [FDP] for training/ Capacity-building and sustainable development through MEDICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT [MEU], we are gearing up for futuristic further growth.




The MBBS undergraduate course as it pertains to FMT, aims to develop academic standards in UG students under the CBME in clinical and classical forensic medical practice besides developing the updated knowledge and NMC mandated skills.


The Department is home to a Forensic Museum that has interesting pathology specimens, photographs, and poisons, injectible specimens of inactive drugs, injurious / dangerous weapons and arms, prototypes of firearms etc. for teaching and demonstration.


Besides, there are Departmental Library cum Seminar Room having Medical Journals and around 90 titles of FMT books. KMMCH is assigned SRS-IMS Bareilly (U.P.) as an NMC –mandated regional center for MET/FDP ongoing trainings in BCME and CISP-III.


Autopsy Hall, hospital mortuary, and DEADBODY FREEZER ROOM housed in the hospital campus and well-housed Student Lab and Research Lab with Pathology Department for FMT to cater to the needs of the annual intake of 150 students.


Pre & Para Clinical Departments