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Critical care


Critical care

Critical care demands the most attention and care with focus and quick thinking. So aiming to cater to critically ill patients, the Intensive Care Unit is well equipped to handle the patients that require critical care. From life threatening injuries and illness to post-surgery ICU care, we have well-trained care staffs to monitor and care for 24 hours.

With 25 years of service, we take pride in addressing that we have a team of highly qualified and experienced doctors in the house with the expertise to manage and handle numerous cases in a day. They give the utmost assistance and guidance and brilliant services, gaining trust in the hearts of the patients and their families. The doctors are devoted and dedicated to the service and to their patients that also aids in speedy recovery of the patients.

Being a multispecialty hospital is an advantage as the service and care by the nurses, doctors and the medical professionals stand as a mark for assurance of increasing the chances of survival of the patient. The team have the expertise to attend to the patient every time and taking care of the medical procedures and handle them professionally.

Having high success rates in treatments and care, we strive to be noted and trusted for our client/patient services. With advanced treatment and the well-equipped setting, we ensure that the patients are monitored 24×7 and attended regularly with dedicated nurses and care attendants appointed specially for critical care.