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Emergency care


Emergency care

Our hospital’s Emergency and Trauma care department in Mathura, India has an unmatched reputation for providing the speediest response in the event of life-threatening cases like a heart attack, stroke, or accident. The unit is skillfully supported by trained doctors who work round the clock and have the expertise to manage any emergency or critical care situation.

The department houses critical life-saving equipment made with cutting-edge technology manned by the best medical and paramedical staff. Our cardiovascular life-support ambulances are supervised by well-trained doctors and nurses who ensure that patients receive proper care even while being taken to the hospital. Such diligence ensures that the patient gets the maximum chances of survival.

Our facility is known for its international level of standards in healthcare and with high success rates in treatment and care. We provide access to modern operation theatres equipped with state of the art equipment, imaging and diagnostic centres, and 24 hours pharmacy. The department’s Intensive Care Unit also admits patients with failed or dysfunctional organ systems, monitored and cared for 24×7 by our multidisciplinary expert team.

Patients with major burns and all types of high-risk injuries receive prompt, comprehensive care from our exceptionally skilled, world-class trauma team. The highly trained team of doctors makes an initial assessment of patients and conducts relevant diagnostic examinations. Then they move the patients requiring urgent surgical intervention to the surgical suites. Our skilled and efficient doctors ensure that the patients recover speedily by providing timely critical care and continuous monitoring.