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Our eminent hospital’s neurology department provides cutting edge, world-class neurological care to our patients so that they have a speedy recovery. We offer a broad spectrum of neurological services, which includes management of brain tumours, head injuries, epilepsy, cerebral aneurysm, Alzheimer’s disease, and other neurological disorders. Our trusted and experienced team consists of highly qualified specialists like neurosurgeons, neurologists, epileptologists, and neurophysiologists who are committed to providing the finest medical care to our patients.

Our department is equipped with the latest, advanced equipment, such as 128 slice CT, EEGs, MRIs, and Transcranial Doppler to provide the most-accurate clinical diagnosis. Our experienced neurologists are always available round the clock to offer valuable advice and support to manage all kinds of neurological conditions. We aim to offer world-class neurological services with care and compassionate at affordable rates while upholding strong ethical principles.

The commitment of our dedicated team of specialists has helped numerous patients get cured of various neurological disorders and live active lives. Our department is ably supported by a team of skilled and experienced nursing staff and physiotherapists whose dedication has helped several patients get back on their feet and resume their normal level of activities.