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Skin & VD


Skin & VD

Our department at present is the main referral centre for DVL cases in and around Ghaziabad & NCR and taking care of surrounding rural population. We conduct special clinics on different days of week for vitiligo, psoriasis, leprosy, vesiculobullous disease, collagen vascular disease, contact dermatitis & STD.


Department has got the advanced & specialized surgical procedural facilities like iontophoresis, electro surgeries, cryo surgeries, Diode & Ndyag laser surgeries, chemical peeling, chemical cautry (TCA), dermabrasion (manual), partial thickness split skin grafting, platelet rich plasma (PRP) kit with centrifuge machine for mesotherapy, punch grafting, subcision, dermaroller and contact dermatitis kits. Specialized phototherapy chambers are available for the phototherapy of the patients.


The department imparts training to undergraduate MBBS students of 4th, 6th, and 8th semesters during their 15 days postings in each semester under dermatology and during the dermatology lectures. The basic skills as per medical counsel of India in DVL are taught. Special focus on leprosy and sexually transmitted infections & diseases (STIs/STDs) are given along with common dermatological conditions and their management strategies during their clinical postings. Guidelines for making the clinical diagnosis, differential diagnosis, laboratory diagnosis, management of both patients and partners, counselling and preventive aspects are given as a part of their training.

Department is also involved in research & publication with the current ongoing research is on the relapse and rise of leprosy in Mathura in collaboration of MMG district hospital of Mathura